Chocolate and Brownie Tiramisu

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A version of the very greedy tiramisu that will appeal to small and large gourmets with its pieces of brownies, and its mascarpone-chocolate cream. Discover the easy recipe!



  • 100 g Dark chocolate
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • 100 g Sugar
  • 3 Fresh eggs
  • 4 Chocolate brownies
  • 2 tbsp. soup Cocoa

Chocolate and Brownie Tiramisu


  1. Start this tiramisu recipe by breaking the chocolate in a salad bowl. Melt it on a quivering water bath. Mix until you get a creamy ganache. Let cool, then add the mascarpone.
  2. Separate the yolks from the whites of the eggs. Whip the whites into firm snow and gently add them to the chocolate mixture three times.
  3. Put the yolks with the sugar in a bowl , put it on the bain-marie and beat with the electric mixer until the preparation doubles volume.
  4. Gently mix the sabayon and the chocolate mixture. Crumble brownies and arrange half in cups. Pour a little chocolate mixture, then arrange the rest of the brownies. Cover with remaining chocolate mixture. Book a cool night.
  5. Sprinkle with cocoa just before serving.

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